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About Us

Our Story

We Are Offering risk-free services with deep experiences. MonetaVest is a company registered in California, United States enriched with wide and deep experiences in currency, coins and precious metals’ marketing and effectively using leverage obtained by investing in these assets by which guaranteed profitability is attainable.

Our investment and marketing operations are toll and risk free. However this depends on two main factors:

1. Using special techniques and market strategies.

2. Using adequate Hedge Fund to carry out calculated zero risk of proportional investment operations which are necessary to safeguard against abrupt market volatility.

That is why MonetaVest is offering four types of products, the more your product is higher or multiplied the more your capital gains are incrementally bigger exceeding the 15% profit limit bar.

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light composure

Your money is securely invested to make the most of it while you can receive monthly statements of your guaranteed increments.

Professional skills

MonetaVest has over 20 years of experience which allows it to build up unique technical strategies to make to most of the international markets.

Perfect Equipment

MonetaVest is using the most updated technology ever used in the international market catering to the needs of its investors and clients.

ultra hd

MonetaVest applies sophisticated marketing strategies that guarantees maximum returns in every market move.

unic vision

MonetaVest is flexible and adaptable to all market innovations and fluctuations through its future forecast studies.

focusing knowledge

Our post knowledge and awareness of Financial, economic, political, natural, warfare and pedantic tribulations make MonetaVest your choice.

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