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MonetaVest makes its money by investing in currency exchange, digital coins, precious metals and others.

MonetaVest provides to its clients three main services;

  1. Money Management:

Your money with MonetaVest will never devalue in any given financial circumstances, it will keep its value in all market upheavals. Yet, it would be rebalanced with the upcoming world currency, in the quantum financial market, before any expected currencies’ depletion takes place.

  1. Investment:

MonetaVest invests your money and guarantees revenue keeping you away from the hustle of doing it yourself and saving you guaranteed time and money.

  1. Retirement Saving:

Cater your savings to your needs and life expenditures for any period of time depending on the contract reached with MonetaVest.

All MonetaVest’s activities are legal and permitted whether they are run by the company itself or jointly with associates

Affiliate Program is a program where you can participate in investment activities even if you don’t have money. By only referring others you know to open investment accounts with MonetaVest.

All the instructions are provided in the affiliate program on our website.

Yes. You can be in both and can start in either one by opening an account. If you open an investor account, the affiliate account would be opened automatically. Or you can start with an affiliate account only.

MonetaVest accept all methods of payments including:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Discover Card

There is a zero chance of risk by investing with MonetaVest as it takes all the burden of guaranteeing successful investment by implementing financial strategies as explained in the website.

Returns are calculated in accordance with the package or several packages selected for the investment, let’s say for example that you have chosen the Bronze, your profit would be %10 only, but if you added to the Basket another Bronze, your profit would be %10.1.  Supposedly you have bought one Platinum, your profit would be %11, and so on. However there are incentives added at all times.

Every month you will receive a statement of your gains which are accumulated to the end of each year from the time of investment, However, MonetaVest’s fiscal year ends in December each year when due profits are dispersed.

Once an account is opened, Investors would be contacted immediately. Also contacts are established from within MonetaVest’s website, via emails and other means. Click here to contact us.

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