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Money Management
Money management means saving and investing at the same time, in other words if you put your money in a saving account, it will be kept in the saving account except that it would be devaluated at least %3 every year. So along the years you would find that your saved money is actually drastically diminished. However, by having an account with MonetaVest, you will be compensated for the depreciation of your money, yet you are going to yield extra profit on top of that.
MonetaVest believes that every investment must yield appropriate profits if the investment is administered with full honesty, integrity and experience. Therefore MonetaVest will invest according to the customer’s needs as stipulated in the agreement set up in this site. However, we may provide special portfolio for customers if needed.
Retirement saving
Usually people save money all their working life for their retirement and once they retire they stay all the rest of their lives worried whether their savings would be sustainable. MonetaVest will rid them of these kinds of worries by providing them with the suitable annuity they deserve for the rest of their lives.
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